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another fabulous investment property with a 6% yield in offerton, stockport, SK2!

Hello Readers!

I have another spectacular investment for you!  This time in Lisburne Close in Offerton, Stockport, SK2.  The property is immaculate throughout, has a modern kitchen and the owner has used a neutral colour pallate throughout to decorate the property, so there would be no work to do before the property was ready to be let out.  The property is over three levels with two good sized double bedrooms on the top floor, a large bedroom, bathroom and reception room on the first floor and a large modern kitchen on the ground floor with WC.  There is also a garage on the ground floor, which could in time be made into a reception room then the reception room on the first floor converted to a bedroom, making the property a fantastic 4 bedroom property with a fantastic yield!

As the property is at the moment, I believe that this could be rented out for £795pcm which would give you a yield of 6.36% as the asking price is £145k which is fantastic!  With the works completed and the property being a 4 bedroom property in the future, the rent could be in the region of £875pcm which would be a yield of 7%… amazing!

For more information on this property or if you are looking for an investment property in the area then please do not hesitate to contact me on 0161 474 8668 or email me on

Gemma Lowe – Lettings Manager

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Stockport is ranked as the fastest growing economy in the North West

More great news as Stockport is ranked as the fastest growing economy in the North West, once again highlighting our town’s position as a leading business location.

The UK Powerhouse study is produced by Irwin Mitchell and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr). It provides an estimate of GVA growth and job creation within 45 of the UK’s largest cities 12 months ahead of the Government’s official figures. The latest report revealed that Stockport was the top location in the North West in terms of GVA growth during the last quarter of 2017. In contrast, Manchester and Greater Manchester recorded GVA growth rates of 1.2%, while Liverpool only registered growth of 0.7%.

The study also considered the future prospects for all of the major conurbations in the UK, with Stockport expected to once again register growth of 1.3% .

Read the full article here…

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How many cars per household?

The profile of car ownership is a great signal of the practical needs of residents in a local market. Most households have a car, but the number owned varies enormously based on the type of area. For example if you live in a one bedroom flat in a city you’re much less likely to own a car than if you live in a commuter suburb.

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Baekdu: Korean BBQ Restaurant opens in SK1

Baekdu: Korean BBQ Restaurant is now open. The restaurant is located on the corner of Lee’s Street and Wellington Street in the former Little Jack Horner Public House. It’s another great addition to the area!

Read one of the first reviews from the Manchester Evening News here… you can also see the full menu here…

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How to Keep Man’s Best Friend Safe and Secure in Your New Home

The latest Blog article from Seth Murphy:

Moving has been referred to as the third most stressful event in life, after divorce and the death of a loved one. But it’s no walk in the park for your dog either! Things no longer look, sound, or smell familiar, and he picks up on your stress level too. Some dogs regress to some of their puppy behaviors, some show signs of illness, and in the worst-case scenario, a dog may go missing or become injured while exploring his new surroundings. The following tips will help ease the transition for your pup so he will be safe and secure in his new home.

Plan ahead by updating your dog’s ID tag to show your new address, and if he is microchipped, update your address with its registry. Ideally, you will have already chosen a veterinarian in your new neighborhood and have found out if there are any region-specific vaccines your dog may need.

The way you handle moving day itself is key. Even if you use a moving company, keep all your dog’s belongings, such as his bed, toys, and bowls, with you. Familiar scents will help him feel more at home, so hold off on washing these items. Unpack them as soon as you get to your new house and put them in the same places they were in your old home. So, if his food bowl used to be in the kitchen, you’ll put it in the new kitchen as well. While unpacking your things, watch for any potentially dangerous items like chocolate or cleaning supplies your dog might have access to.

Stick to your dog’s previous feeding and walking schedule. This will go a long way in helping him feel comfortable. If you’re unable to stay home the first few days following a move, consider arranging for someone to visit your dog each day to ease his anxiety and to walk him to burn some energy.

Speaking of burning energy, prioritize play! Make sure your furry friend is getting plenty of attention and exercise. Keep him busy with fun activities like playing with Kongs and other food-dispensing toys. Amid all the unpacking, schedule play breaks for both of you. Find nearby dog-friendly locales and take a walk in the neighborhood to familiarize your dog with his new surroundings and neighbors. Don’t add additional stress. If your dog hates getting his nails trimmed, now is not the time! If you’ve been thinking about changing his diet, hold off for a little while.

While dog-proofing your home is important, backyard safety cannot be emphasized enough. Check your yard for plants that are poisonous to dogs. Never leave your dog in the yard when you’re not home. Even when you are home, you’ll want to keep an eye on him. All dogs need a safe, fenced-in area. Proper fencing that keeps your dog in and other animals out, as well as keeps him safe from the attention of passersby, is priceless.

Be on the lookout for signs of stress, such as diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, or anxiety. Ask your vet about calming medication or try some natural alternatives from your local pet store. If these symptoms continue, you’ll want to take him to your vet to make sure nothing else is going on.

Congratulations on your new home and for being such a responsible pet owner! Just as your dog has shown you his devotion, you’ll want to show him extra patience during this transition. Stay calm, reinforce positive behavior, and take time to have fun together. By following these tips and focusing on safety, you and your dog will soon feel right at home.


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Rapid Bus Scheme: An update from Stockport Council

The vision of creating a new rapid transit bus scheme between Stockport and Manchester Airport moved a step closer, as the funding to further develop the proposals has been secured from the Government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund.

Working in partnership, Stockport Council, Cheshire East Council, Manchester City Council, Manchester Airport Group, Transport for Greater Manchester and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority have a shared vision to create a new fast and frequent rapid bus service for residents and businesses between their homes and key employment locations.

Improving connectivity by public transport between Stockport and Manchester Airport, the proposed service would use current and new links to provide a reliable alternative to car travel for commuters, helping reduce congestion on our roads, whilst also improving our air quality.

Within the Government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund are monies to support the delivery of major transport projects that tackle key challenges. Working together, Stockport Council and its partners submitted a joint first stage bid and have been successfully awarded funding and support to develop proposals for the project further.

Over the coming months, we will work with the Government to develop a full business case for the rapid transit service, including all of the benefits this will create for residents and businesses. This will be submitted to Government this autumn ahead of a decision being made about which of the 44 bidding projects will be granted funding.

Caroline Simpson, Corporate Director for Place at Stockport Council, said: “The delivery of rapid transit bus in Stockport is just one element of the wider programme of investment in the borough’s transport infrastructure, which is vital to address congestion on our roads, improve local air quality, and strengthen Stockport’s position as a great place to live, work and invest.

“This announcement by the Government is good news, and we will continue to work closely with our neighbours in Cheshire East and Manchester to push forward with the proposals.”

Don Stockton, Cheshire East Council’s cabinet member with responsibility for highways, said “We have worked closely with Stockport on this bid and its success demonstrates the importance of cross-boundary working.

“We are very pleased that our bid has had success in the first round. The proposals have the potential to deliver public transport improvements in the north of the borough, especially in the Wilmslow/Handforth area and our links to the airport.

“We will look to make sure that new developments, such as the garden village at Handforth will be integrated into these proposals, maximising the opportunities for sustainable travel.

“The council will continue to work closely with our neighbouring authorities as these proposals develop.”

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Prices in last few months (flat vs house)

We wanted to take a look at how overall average prices of flats and houses have changed in the last eight months. This is quite a short time frame so there’s a fair bit of volatility from month to month but the story it tells is an interesting one nonetheless.

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How does GDPR affect small landlords

The introduction of the EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a just over a month away, and the legislation will require landlords to process tenants’ personal data more rigorously and securely than many of us are used to.

Let’s start with the obvious: GDPR wasn’t designed with private landlords or people with second homes in mind. It was drafted to tackle some of the more egregious uses of personal data by tech giants such as Google and Facebook.

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Quarterly index of sales by house type

This chart has indexed the levels of transactions for flats and houses over the last eight quarters. That means it takes the actual level of sales at the start of the period and converts them to 100, and then you can see the relative changes running up to the present. It should be noted that the smaller the number of properties, the more extreme the volatility.

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portwood property with bags of potential… another investment deal from julian wadden in stockport!

Hello Readers!

I have been speaking to my Landlords for a long time about investing in the residential area close to Portwood Roundabout, the M60 link and the Peel Centre.  Why!?  I hear you ask.  Well, in this region the property prices have not gone through the roof like they have in Edgeley (SK3) so you can still find a two bedroom terrace in good condition for £120k, which you will no longer find in the Edgeley area.  In terms of rental price you would still be looking at the same per calendar month, which means one thing and one thing only – a better yield; and lets be honest that is what a Landlord is looking for when thinking of purchasing a potential investment property!

So, here is another fantastic opportunity in Charlotte Street, SK1.  The property has two very good sized double bedrooms on the first floor as the bathroom is downstairs on the ground floor.  This is not something to be concerned about and will not put tenants off.  The advantage to having the bathroom downstairs is that you have two equal sized, large, double bedrooms which a lot of tenants are actually looking for.  Also on the ground floor are two reception rooms, a kitchen, the bathroom as mentioned and then access out onto a garden at the rear.

The property does look as though it needs some cosmetic improvements and one thing I have noted is that it looks as though it requires new carpets throughout.  With this in mind and a potential rental income of £650pcm this would give you a healthy yield of 6.5% which is excellent!

For more information on this property or if you are looking for a property in the area and would like some assistance in finding it then do give me a call on 0161 474 8668 or email me at

Gemma Lowe – Lettings Manager

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