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Month: May 2017

10 reason’s why you should follow stockport council’s instagram account

If you haven’t had a look at Stockport Councils Instagram account already, then I suggest you do. The account includes updates on local events, tells you what is coming to Stockport in the future, and celebrates our local parks and deep history. It is Council run, however, they regularly share the publics photographs and video’s. It is a great, interactive, way of keeping up with the on going’s within SK1.

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st augustine’s church in cheadle heath set to be transformed

St Augustine’s Church in Cheadle Heath is now under new ownership and is set to be transformed. The derelict church has been purchased by investment company, The Blackmore Group, and has planning in place for 9 luxury apartments. The first stage of the development is to bring the exterior of the building back to it’s former stunning condition, as it has been slowly deteriorating since it became vacant 10 years ago. It looks like its going to be a really quirky development!

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annual sales levels by broad property type

A look at the annual sales charts for the last ten years offers a good indication of market activity within the local area. Patterns are in line with expectations given the nature of our area. While there is nothing too surprising about which type of properties have seen the most transactions, it’s useful to see how the market has performed since just before the credit crunch.

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brownfield sites are in high demand, can you help?

We touched on this in last month’s edition, however, I felt in necessary to include again given the importance of the project. The Council’s ‘Brownfield First’ approach to new development it a great project and is vital to the transformation of our town centre. The demand for new developments is only getting stronger in SK1, and this way we can improve the look our area and add new housing, all whilst protecting our greenfield sites!

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how old are people when they buy their first home in our area?

Our friends in the U.S have been chasing the ‘American Dream’ for some time now, yet we Brits don’t really have a moniker for ‘making it’ in the UK. If we were to coin our version of the ‘British Dream’, we imagine it would be celebrated every time someone took their first steps on the property ladder.

First-time buyers play a pivotal role in the UK housing market and represent a key driver of demand. Their average age has been steadily rising over the last few decades as property has become less affordable in some parts of the country. However, schemes like shared ownership and Help-to-buy have helped younger people get on the ladder, putting downward pressure on average ages of first-time buyers.

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