Month: January 2017

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overview of the stockport market structure

The total number of property transactions and the mix of properties are strong indicators of the buoyancy of the local property market in the area. The adjacent chart gives an indication of the changing market structure in Stockport. We estimate that 108 flats, 580 terraces, 613 semis and 141 detached properties were sold in 2016.

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cheadle based alcohol producers create 89 calorie lager!

Cheadle based alcohol producers, Skinny Booze, have created a 4% lager that is only 89 calories per bottle. As well as being low in calories, the lager is also gluten free and vegan friendly, and is growing more and more popular… they don’t just produce lager either, they currently have low calorie Gin and Wines available!

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thinking of investing your money… look no further, we have a fantastic investment opportunity for you!

You will frequently hear people say… ‘the safest place for your money is in property’, and they would be correct.  If you have some spare money my advice would be to find a reasonably priced property (perhaps up to £100,000) and purchase this.  Then find a trustworthy Estate Agent (myself!) and ask them to rent it for you.  If you don’t want to be too active with the property and have tenants calling you at any hour (to perhaps change a lightbulb) then lots of Estate Agents offer a fully managed service, which does exactly as it says on the tin – they fully manage the property for you.  Therefore, you can have your money invested in a property which is appreciating in value and you can have money coming in on a monthly basis to top up your bank account.

Stockport is a fantastic place in the North West to invest your money, as it is currently going through a huge 3 year regeneration program which will see the face of Stockport change dramatically.  So, I have been looking for some fantastic opportunities for you as investors and over the next few months I will be bringing you a range of investment opportunities.

Without any further ado, I introduce you to… BOX APARTMENTS.  We have recently been instructed on this property which is coming to the Sales market with Julian Wadden, Stockport Exchange for £79,000.  I know, I cannot believe it either – £79,000!  Fantastic.  Now you may immediately think, well for that price it is going to need a lot of work and you would be wrong!  The property is located in a new, modern apartment block on Marriot Street, which is where all the regeneration is Stockport is taking place, with the new Stockport Exchange development.  The property is a Ground Floor apartment and currently has tenants in situ, so you wouldn’t even need to find tenants – what a dream! At this point, I am waiting for you to pick up the phone and call us immediately (0161 474 8660).

However, if you need a little more persuading, here are the properties credentials:

  • A well presented, modern, one bedroomed, GROUND FLOOR apartment.
  • Perfectly located within close proximity of Stockport Town centre and convenient transport links.
  • Open plan living space incorporating a modern kitchen, a double bedroom, and a contemporary three piece bathroom suite with in bath shower unit.
  • Set within communal grounds and includes…
  • a DEDICATED PARKING SPACE in Stockport Town Centre

Below are some photographs, as you really do have to see it to believe it!

I would estimate that this property would rent for £500 – £550 Per Calendar Month.  This would mean that if the property was purchased at the asking price your yield would be 8.26% which is a fantastic return. I shall look forward to hearing from you soon…

Gemma Francis, Lettings Manager @ Stockport Exchange –


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how do residents in stockport get to work?

An analysis of commuting preferences in Stockport shows that the majority of people use a car (69.4%). This is followed by on foot (12.4%), and then bus (10.1%). It will be interesting to monitor how this pattern changes over time given the trend in Stockport and everywhere else to use more public transport and healthier options.

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lifecycle mix in stockport

Where people are in their lifecycles can be a real indicator of the character of the local area. In Stockport, the lifecycle mix of residents can be split into the following six categories:

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long-term property price review in stockport

It is the time of year when we can look at how property prices in 2016 fared in comparison to the decade preceding it. With property price data still to come through for the end of the year, our estimates paint a promising picture. The average flat price increased by 1.3% to £88,100 and the average house price increased by 2.5% to £163,700 versus 2015 prices.


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