Month: October 2017

How to claim your Enjoy Local Key Tag?

If you have been a client of ours within the last 6 months (whether you have bought, sold, rented or let a property through us) then that makes you entitled to claim your free key tag or if you are a current client of ours you are also eligible to claim a free key tag from our Stockport branch – just pop in to pick one up!

Various businesses have already signed up to the project and there are still more to come so like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and our website for regular updates.

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Are Tech Firms now flocking to Stockport?

The Tech Sector is one of the fastest growing economic sectors and is universally regarded to be fundamental to the future health and prosperity of UK plc.

The Technology sector in Greater Manchester has consistently been ranked as the best area outside of London, however, Stockport is now starting to pull businesses away and take a piece of the pie for itself. This is mainly due to the premium, purpose built office space on offer, plus the fantastic nearby transport links.

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Meadow Mill is set to go to auction in London on October 26th

The stunning Meadow Mill in Stockport is set to go in to auction in London on October 26th, unless a buyer is confirmed before then – it is currently on the marker for 7.25M!

If you are interested in this development or know of somebody who is, then please get in touch as I would be delighted to help.

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method of commute

Commuting patterns are a significant barometer of the profile of people in a property market. For example in areas where most people travel to work by car, there tend to be more even property price distributions across the local market. On the other hand when people mostly travel by train or underground, there are big price hot spots around the stations.

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Redrock – Opening date revealed as £45m leisure development nears completion

The Light Cinema, at Redrock, in Stockport town centre, will open for business on November 24th following two years of construction. Opening at the same time are popular restaurants Zizzi and Pizza Express, with The Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Mango Bean Coffee Shop following shortly after.

A grand opening event is planned for November 23rd and the weekends either side will see Storm Troopers in the area and a competition to win tickets to an exclusive screening of the new Star Wars film.

The Light Cinema will have a total of 905 seats across its auditoriums and the largest will have a capacity of 177. Bosses expect around 400,000 people to visit in the first 12 months which will be huge for Stockport’s economy.


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Common myths about the local property market

Has someone who has just sold their home ever told you about the ‘golden rules’ you should abide by to get a quick sale? Perhaps you have heard comments like, ‘catch the property season’, ‘spend money to make money’ and ‘price high and accept low’. Unfortunately, achieving the optimum sale requires you to navigate highly changeable market conditions.

The local market in Stockport changes a lot year-on-year. As the chart above shows, the average price of properties on the market fluctuates a lot more than you might think. But unweighted overall average prices only tell part of the story – sales rates are the thermometer we use to measure the temperature of the market.

You have to sell during the ‘property season’: There is no doubt that some seasons can be slightly busier than others, but there are no definitive periods that can be classed as a bad time to sell your property. People search for homes throughout the whole year because of reasons individual to them, not because of the weather.

DIY: Adding extensions to your home can increase the overall value of the property. However, that doesn’t mean you should always do this before you list it on the market. Often, home hunters will want to do their own renovations to properties and may have different tastes to yours.

Don’t accept the first offer: The saying goes, ‘don’t look for a quick sell by accepting the first offer because a better one will come along’. The simple truth is: if you are offered a price that meets the value, you should sell. In fact, estate agents often show properties to their best clients first, so by turning down a good offer from an early buyer, you may be opening yourself up to issues down the line with other buyers who aren’t as serious.

So what are active buyers looking for right now? We all enjoy some peace and quiet, no one is denying that. But the idea that property in close proximity to public transport hubs like train stations are harder to sell just isn’t true. In fact, if you can hear the trains from your home, that means you are located nearby a station – and properties close to a station are always in high demand.

There are no hard-and-fast rules to how to sell your property – the tone of the market is ever changing and its important you work with a good local agent with their finger on the pulse. If you have any more questions regarding property in Stockport or are thinking of selling your home and buying a new one, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0161 474 8660.


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index of house prices by property type

Over the last twelve months we’ve seen pretty strong performance in the local market. We wanted to see how different property types have performed, so we indexed the values at the start of the period. Property data updates quite slowly, so we’ve estimated the last 3 months.

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Another stunning Buy-to-Let property comes to the market in SK1

I would like to bring to your attention this fantastic property that has just been brought to the market. It is a two double bedroom mid-terrace property, located within walking distance of Stockport Town Centre.

The property is ideal for a BUY-TO-LET investment. On at a Guide Price of £135,000, we estimate a monthly rental return of £695 which, based on the Guide Price, creates a yield of 6.18%.

We are hosting an OPEN HOUSE on Saturday 28th October. All attendees must book in, so call us now on 0161 474 8660 to secure your spot!

You can see full property details here

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monthly sales rates by house type

This chart nicely reveals how sales levels have played out over the last seven months in our area. We’re looking at a relatively tight area over relatively short periods of time, so you don’t get the nice smooth patterns you’d see using annualised analyses or at higher levels of geography. The patterns however, are very revealing.

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and finally (… before i completely clog up all your computers) here is a tour of one of the *5* two bedroom properties…

Here is a tour of one of the *5* two bedroom apartments we have available in Edward House on Edward Street in Stockport Town Centre. Call me on 0161 474 8668 to book a viewing!

Link to the Two Bedroom Apartment on Rightmove:…/property-62301268.html

Here is a tour of one of the *5* two bedroom apartments we have available in Edward House on Edward Street in Stockport Town Centre. Call me on 0161 474 8668 to book a viewing! Link to the Two Bedroom Apartment on Rightmove:

Posted by Julian Wadden Estate and Lettings Agents on Friday, October 20, 2017

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