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Garden Safety: Toxic Plants and Other Hazards in your own Backyard

There is nothing better than having a safe and secure backyard that you can let your dog enjoy. Whilst it should never replace daily walks, it is great to allow your dog extra fresh air, an area for going to the toilet outside of walk times, an outdoor but secure space for training and it can provide them with extra enrichment.

To make sure that your dog can make the most of this space and to save you from worrying too much, especially if your dog is a notorious destroyer, it is important to doggy proof your backyard before you allow your dog access.

Read the full article courtesy of Jen Reviews and Your Dog Adviser , here

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Travis Brow link road is now partially open

The new link road running from Travis Brown to the A6 is now partially open. The Council, however, have stressed that there may still be temporary disruptions as the finishing touches to the construction works take place.

For the latest on road works, road closures and diversions you can visit

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  • With just days to go before the UK was expected to leave the EU, we seem no closer to a solution than when Article 50 was triggered almost two years ago. It is little wonder therefore, that uncertainty is expected to continue to impact the housing market.
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Market overview of the North West shows the strength of the Stockport housing market

A recent market overview of the key areas within the North West show just how much strength Stockport holds.

On average, Stockport is the highest priced residential location (£241,020) in the North West, and has also grown the fastest (6.7%) over the last 12 months, landing higher in the list than areas such as Manchester City Centre and Chester. It also has the third highest amount of transactions behind Manchester City Centre and Liverpool.

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Produce Hall coming on nicely and due to open soon!

Photographs have been released highlighting the significant changes to Stockport’s much anticipated Produce Hall.

Scheduled to open at the end of March 2019, the Produce Hall will offer the people of Stockport a variety of food and drink products in a modern, shared space, environment.

Photograph curtesy of Stop in Stockport who are also offering you and three friends the chance to visit the Produce Hall before its official opening – visit their Facebook page.

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Stockport Author Is Set For Hollywood!

You may have read in the newspapers – both national and local – over the last couple of weeks, the story about the mystery millionaire who has written the book Giving Away My Millions in which he tells of how he gives money at random to complete strangers and how he has so far given away over £2 million. However what you may not know is that he was assisted in writing the book by a writer from Stockport after their chance meeting on a pay and display car park in Oxfordshire at the beginning of last year.

The mystery millionaire who used the pseudonym ‘Tom Jones’ to pen the book asked Nick Fisher – an amateur writer from Reddish – if he could give him a pound because he’d forgotten his wallet and didn’t have any change for a ticket, and after Nick kindly gave him a pound coin, in return, Tom gave Nick two fifty pound notes and his pound coin back! It transpired that this was one of Tom’s ‘tests’ he sometimes does and then rewards people for their kindness. Nick eventually tracked Tom down after jotting down his number plate as he drove off and after contacting him to thank him for the £100 he gave him the idea for the book came about. The book’s publisher’s and Tom’s representatives have now been contacted by producers at Warner Bros’ in Hollywood who want to convert the book into a film and have asked Nick to be involved with writing the script, with Liam Neeson earmarked to play the part of ‘Tom’. So with a bit of luck Stockport could end up being home to an Oscar winner!

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  • Close to one in three home hunters know the specific house or street they want to live in before starting a property search, according to new research by Zoopla
  • Londoners are most likely to have a definite idea of location, virtually half (48%) have a specific street or house in mind. This compares to less than one in five across Wales and the South West
  • If it’s not a specific street, then it’s most likely house hunters have an idea of what town they have in mind. A third of house hunters across the East of England, East Midlands, South East and Wales know which town or town(s) are of interest
  • With just one in sixteen prospective home hunters having no clue as to their location of choice, as an agent, knowing the ins and outs of your local area is critical
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  • At £572.60, average weekly expenditure (all costs, adjusted for inflation) per household in the UK is at it its highest level since the financial year 2004–2005, according to data published in January 2019 by the Office for National Statistics.
  • At £632.00 per week, households in owner occupation spend on average £52 more per week than those in the private rented sector at £580.10.
  • Across the UK, the average weekly amount spent on a mortgage is £159.60, equivalent to 27% of total weekly expenditure. 44% of weekly mortgage costs are attributed to interest payments.
  • For those in the private rented sector, rental costs account for 26% of weekly expenditure. Across London and Wales, the average spend on rent per week is higher than the average spent on a mortgage. In all but four regions, the differential is less than £20 per week.
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Coming very soon – Cherry Tree House

I was lucky enough to take a tour around the stunning Cherry Tree House development last week. The conversion of the old hospital is coming on well and the foundations are in on the new build section – it is shaping up to be a truly stunning project!

You can register your interest now by e-mailing me at We are expecting full pricing, measurements and floorplans to be released at the end of February/start of March, with a completion date estimated at August 2019.

See more here…

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