Stockport based Aqua Design is so proud of Stockport’s heritage, the creative team have come up with a unique Made in Stockport badge.

Stockport has a history of producing, whether it be in hat making, brewing award winning Beer, manufacturing or innovation, it has a reputation for creative output and a wide range of food, art and craft producers.

Aqua Design’s Made in Stockport badge enables producers to demonstrate their pride in their association with Stockport and show off the fact their products, and even services, are made in Stockport.

By combining the iconic viaduct, the largest of its kind in Europe consisting of 11 million bricks, with Philips head screws conveying the engineering heritage of Stockport, the badge makes a very bold statement.

The badge can be supplied in a digital format absolutely free of charge to anyone and any business who would like to include it on their website and within their business literature. For tickers or merchandise bearing the Made in Stockport badge please email Aqua Design for more information.