Seth Murphy, of California USA, shares below his DIY tips which could increase your properties value!

Seth writes – When purchasing a home, it’s a good idea to have a long-term goal in mind. Even if you don’t plan on selling now, you never know what life will bring. With that in mind, it’s good to start thinking about long-term equity. What can best increase the value of your home? What remodels and improvements will garner the best return? Not every change will benefit you financially, which is why it’s important to investigate well before you begin your projects. Start by setting a goal-selling price and then decide which projects will best encourage that price.

Landscaping – If you have a garden or yard out front, your house won’t be the first thing a prospective buyer sees – it will be your greenery. You want your garden to look lush, well-groomed and as attractive as possible. Flowering plants and deciduous trees are some of the safest bets you can hedge. It is suggested to use fresh mulch over bare soil or even grass to make your yard look captivating.

 Energy efficiency – One growing trend and concern by homeowners is energy efficiency. You may immediately think of replacing your appliances and electronics with energy-friendly alternatives, or even of changing out your light bulbs to more efficient ones. However, you don’t necessarily need expensive replacements to update your home and make it more attractive to buyers. Consider putting in new insulation, which will help keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter without using the heater or air conditioner.

Upgrade your technology – This doesn’t end up being as complicated as it may seem. A simple surround-sound speaker system in the living room, with speakers wired into each room, can be a boon. This way, music can be played from room to room without the occupant having to worry about setting it up as they move about the house.

Repair your roof – If you have missing or broken tiles or shingles on your roof, it can be an automatic turn-off to potential buyers. It may seem intimidating, but, like putting in speakers, it’s easier than it seems. You can replace shingles and tiles, as long as you know what kind you have, as there are different steps to each. There is more work if the tile is at the junction of your roof, known as a valley, but it is still relatively straightforward.

Clear the clutter – Find ways to add storage and organization to your home. It’s thought that as many as 53 percent of individuals have added storage to their homes in the last five years. Not only will you add a potential selling point, but a well-organized home that looks decluttered seems more appealing to potential buyers than one that looks disheveled or disorganized.

If you keep your goal price in mind, then you can better educate yourself on what will be the best projects to help sell your home. If you have an ambitious price, it may benefit you to have more ambitious DIY projects to better increase your chance of profit. Focus on the areas listed to have the best chance at achieving your asking price.

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