Pebble art is making its way across Greater Manchester as families find a new reason to take kids to the park. The craze involves people decorating pebbles and hiding them for others to find. Children either take them home and replace them with their own creations, or hide them again so more people can enjoy the hunt.

Facebook groups have been set up across the country for people to share their ideas and places to look, and a number have sprung up in Greater Manchester. This includes Stockport Rocks which has a whopping 3,000 and lists the ‘rules of their game’ as:

  • Collect (or buy) some rocks
  • Decorate your rocks (on the back, write something along the lines of “If found, please post on “Stockport Rocks” on Facebook”). Rocks can be decorated using paint, chalk, sharpie pens, glitter etc. (Please make sure your designs are child friendly.)
  • Hide your rocks in safe, public places
  • Search for hidden rocks and when you find one (or a few), post a photo on this group then re-hide it for somebody else to find

It’s a great idea and is getting kids outdoors which can only be a good thing!