You may have read in the newspapers – both national and local – over the last couple of weeks, the story about the mystery millionaire who has written the book Giving Away My Millions in which he tells of how he gives money at random to complete strangers and how he has so far given away over £2 million. However what you may not know is that he was assisted in writing the book by a writer from Stockport after their chance meeting on a pay and display car park in Oxfordshire at the beginning of last year.

The mystery millionaire who used the pseudonym ‘Tom Jones’ to pen the book asked Nick Fisher – an amateur writer from Reddish – if he could give him a pound because he’d forgotten his wallet and didn’t have any change for a ticket, and after Nick kindly gave him a pound coin, in return, Tom gave Nick two fifty pound notes and his pound coin back! It transpired that this was one of Tom’s ‘tests’ he sometimes does and then rewards people for their kindness. Nick eventually tracked Tom down after jotting down his number plate as he drove off and after contacting him to thank him for the £100 he gave him the idea for the book came about. The book’s publisher’s and Tom’s representatives have now been contacted by producers at Warner Bros’ in Hollywood who want to convert the book into a film and have asked Nick to be involved with writing the script, with Liam Neeson earmarked to play the part of ‘Tom’. So with a bit of luck Stockport could end up being home to an Oscar winner!