Stockport - Rooftop Restaurant and Garden set to open in Stockport

Rooftop Restaurant and Garden set to open in Stockport

1 THe LandingJPG - Rooftop Restaurant and Garden set to open in Stockport

How exciting does this sound?? A rooftop restaurant and garden, set on top of Merseyway, is opening in Stockport and is brought to you by the wonderful Sam Buckley of Where The Light Gets In.

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central stockport location

lark hill road btl front - central stockport location

A two bedroom end terrace on Lark Hill Road, Edgeley, Stockport reduced in price just under a week ago to £145,000, however the property itself has been on the market since the end of February chain free whilst also appearing vacant so there could well be a deal to be done with the vendor/agent.

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£8,400 annual return

btl front pb 140k - £8,400 annual return

Purple Bricks have added a two bedroom terrace to the market in Davenport, Stockport, SK2. The property is on the market with a guide price of £140,000 and has a block viewing available this weekend!

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Essential Tips For Working From Home

articleimage3133 s1 c0 0 600 400 o600 400 e - Essential Tips For Working From Home

For a small number of people, working from home will be the norm. But for the majority of the nation, the current climate has caused us to quickly adapt our working practices to home working for the safety of ourselves and those around us. In doing this, it is important to create healthy working practices to maintain motivation and routine throughout the day.
We’ve gained advice from those who regularly work from home so that we can share some top tips for the coming weeks ahead. Continue below for our top tips on how you can get the best out of home working:
1. Get ready for the day
Get up and ready for work as you normally would. Getting dressed out of your pyjamas and fresh for the day helps you to maintain a routine and get ready for a day of work. Doing this will signal to your brain that you are going to work and create a good mindset.

2. Have a routine
Working from home can get lonely, so a routine will prevent the day blurring into a mix of work and relaxation time. Creating a morning routine that will guide you into your work chair each day so that you can signal the separation between home and work. Start and finish work at your usual times so that you do not become overworked.

3. Create an office space
If you have a separate office space to work in, then that’s great. But even if you don’t, it is still important to create an area in your home that you can designate and associate with work. Whether that be at a desk, or if it has to be your dining room table, this will support you to keep a routine. At the end of the day, shut down your equipment and put it away. This will signal the end of your working day and the start of your own time.

4. Keep to your regular hours of a working day
With all your work equipment at home, it can be tempting to try and get ahead by setting yourself mammoth tasks that take you all evening to complete. Set yourself achievable goals (as you would when you go into work) so that you maintain your usual work hours and maintain your positivity and optimism. This will also allow you to keep a work life balance.

5. Have regular breaks
When you are in the office, you naturally take short breaks throughout the day. Whether that be to go and make a drink or go and discuss something with a colleague. These breaks away from the computer are crucial for your productivity and health. Breaks away from the computer screen help to break bad posture habits, help with concentration and productivity, and prevent fatigue. This should be no different at home. You can call a colleague for a chat, go and make a drink, or spend some time in a different room for a few moments.

6. Get some exercise
Living and working in the same space can be challenging at times so you may find it important to get a change of scenery. Stepping outside for a walk not only allows you to “leave the office” but also allows you to get valuable exercise (providing this is in line with Government guidelines). Some fresh air and natural light will do you the world of good. With people rarely leaving the house, a short walk could be all the exercise you get in a day so place importance on this. Alternatively, you may want to do a short home workout. There are tons of guides online to help you do this. Let’s not forget about those all-important endorphins.

7. Take your lunch break
You are still entitled to your full lunch break and it is important to take this. Ensure you continue to eat well and take time away from your work space to break up the day. Using this time to get some exercise (as advised in step 7) is a great idea too.

8. Get on the phone
Communication is so important during this time. Working from home can be isolating (especially if you live alone). To overcome this, ensure to keep up with regular team meeting via group calls. Check in with your colleagues throughout the day – even for a general chat not related to work. This is what you would usually do in the office and it is important to maintain this to make the day more enjoyable. Call people instead of email so that you can have proper conversations during the day which is so much more personal that email communication. You could even use Facetime for a more personal touch.

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Natex – Liverpools latest investment opportunity – 9% NET Yield Assured 5 Years | 4% Interest On Deposit | No Stamp Duty

Liverpool - Natex - Liverpools latest investment opportunity - 9% NET Yield Assured 5 Years | 4% Interest On Deposit | No Stamp Duty

I wanted to make you aware of a PBSA scheme in Liverpool, Natex, which has been fully recommended by the University of Liverpool.

Each property comes with a 9% NET yield assured for 5 years, furthermore, the buyer will benefit from achieving 4% interest paid on their deposit during the build period. There also isn’t any stamp duty fees with the Natex scheme being a purpose built student scheme.

Natex is sure to complement the expansion of knowledge Quarter in Liverpool which is expected to be a major draw for international students with the University of Liverpool which already has over 34% international students compared to the UK average of 25%

Investment Highlights:

9% NET yield assured for 5 years – 4% interest on deposit – No stamp Duty – Q3 2021 completion – 5 minute walk from the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University

Facilities include:

Communal residents gym – reception – meeting room – laundry facilities – Café – communal courtyard – student lobby – TV lounge – games area – high speed internet – Wifi and phone access – 24 hour CCTV – intercom security system – bike storage

Prices start at £75,000

Please contact myself or my team on 0161 474 8660

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Life Leisure provide us with their top 5 tips to stay active at home

lifeleisure - Life Leisure provide us with their top 5 tips to stay active at home

1) Protect your wellness!

Maintaining your mental & physical well-being can be increasingly challenging in times like these. lifeLEISURE Health & Fitness Coach, Adam Heywood, talks us through his coping mechanisms and provides expert advice as to how we can cope with recent lifestyle changes!

2) Maintain a healthy weight!

Now that our facilities are closed, you may be wondering how you can keep on top of your weight management whilst spending additional time at home? Health & Fitness Coach, Adam Heywood, gives you his expert tips on staying in shape whilst staying at home!

3) Keep moving!

Now more than ever it’s vital to keep yourself & your loved ones happy, active & smiling! With that in mind, cast your eyes over our resident fitness expert Ruth’s most recent blogs on how to keep active whilst staying home!

4) Follow lifeLEISURE home workout videos!

Don’t get bogged down during lockdown, our Fitness Team have got your back! Whether it’s a high intensity calorie buster you’re craving, or you’re in the mood for getting your tone on, we’ve the workout for you! Subscribe to our YouTube channel here & get yourself moving with our Fitness Coaches!

5) Get Creative!

Are you staying at home with your children? It’s just as important to exercise the mind as well as the body, so why not have a break from the home P.E lessons and get those creative juices flowing? Grab the crayons, glue, glitter, and paint and let their imaginations run wild.

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Your guide to setting up a Smart Home – by Natalie Jones

blog post - Your guide to setting up a Smart Home - by Natalie Jones

The age of technology is upon us; has your home kept pace? There are dozens of ways you can use tech to turn your house into a smart home. The security, convenience, and quality-of-life improvements are waiting for you — are you ready to get started?

Why Invest in Smart Home Tech?

There are several reasons people decide to put smart technology in their homes. Often people get started because, well, it’s fun! Having the ability to play music via voice command feels pretty cool and futuristic. After a while, however, the broader practical impacts of having smart tech in the home become clearer and clearer. Eventually, the endless possibilities of creating your smart home start to make themselves clear. With a bit of creativity, you can create a tailor-made smart home experience that can’t be beaten.

Everything from your home’s sound system to your heating and cooling can be voice or phone-activated. The impacts on your day to day life almost can’t be overstated. Moreover, outfitting your home with smart tech is a great investment for property owners. These kinds of upgrades can increase your home’s value by up to 5 percent. This means in addition to the everyday benefits of smart home life, you also get to see a solid return on your investment when you sell your home down the road.

Convenience Galore

There are tons of ways that you can use smart home tech to make your life easier and more fun. For example, you can use voice commands to dim lights, play music, turn on the AC, and more. Or, you can ask your digital assistant to tell you a joke or give you the weather forecast. The ability to access online knowledge just by asking a question out loud is infinitely useful.

There are utterly practical conveniences as well. Save money on your heating and cooling bill by setting your smart thermostat to run at energy-saving levels when no one’s home. Set it to kick back on ten minutes before you arrive, and your home will be a comfortable temperature once you’re back. You can also turn lights on and off remotely, which allows you to prepare your home for your arrival. Imagine coming in from work to a perfect temperature, well-lit home playing your favorite unwind song. It’s a wonderful image.

Security and Safety

Smart home tech can also go a long way toward increasing your safety and security. You can set up a home camera and security system that will text you if there’s movement when no one’s meant to be home. You can access the video from your phone and tell whether someone’s broken in, or if your spouse just got off work early that day.

Smart doorbells can also make your home more secure. You never have to wonder who’s at the door or try to make out a distorted peephole image before you answer. You can easily see and communicate with whoever’s knocking, even if you’re not at home. Not only will this make you feel safer, but it will also make it easier to communicate with delivery people and neighbors.

Getting Started

Consider starting small when it comes to smart tech. You’ll almost certainly expand your collection of smart home features, but diving in with just one thing gives you a chance to learn how the technology works in a low-pressure situation. You don’t want to get every piece of smart tech and be stuck trying to figure it all out at once. Start with something that will save you money in the long run, like smart light bulbs or a smart thermostat.

These will give you a chance to play with the different options available and will cut down on your energy bills. Living in a smart home will make you wonder how you managed before. Explore the options available, and remember – you’re limited only by your imagination. The customization possibilities are practically endless, so figure out how to make your smart home perfect!

Photo Credit: Unsplash

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popular area for property investors

btl front jennings street - popular area for property investors

A two bedroom terrace house has launched to the market today on Jennings Street in Edgeley, Stockport, SK3. The property came to the market with Springbok Properties with a guide price of only £120,000!

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